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 Psychic Readings 
by Pamela Cummins

Pamela Psychic Readings
For your Psychic Readings Pamela prefers to provide you with information that she receives first and allows time for you to ask specific questions. If you have a lot of questions and want them addressed first, she would be happy to do that. She passes on the information as she receives it and when appropriate she will interpret the information. At other times she will have no idea what it means, because it was meant just for the client to understand. There will be times that neither she nor her client understands the message, which will be clear in the future. As your psychic coach, she respects your free will, and always allows you to make your own decision. Pamela hopes you will always remember the future is never written in stone and you have the power to make it a positive one!   


Pamela, thanks for the reading. Ii keep thinking about the songs and everything!!! You were on the money.... Taylor, NJ
Everything you said in the reading you said to me came true. I wish I had listened to you; it would have saved me a lot of heart ache. This time I’m taking the action your guides gave me to do. Susan, Canada
I recently had the privilege of a relationship reading with Pamela Cummins. She was and has been by far one of the most accurate and precise readers ever. I love her style and the way she uses music incorporated in her readings. She wastes no time, connects well and her delivery is outstanding. I would definitely recommend Pamela for any of your relationship questions. You rock! Xxxoooo Janét, Arkansas
I have been receiving readings from Pamela for years. She is a clear channel for the information to come through. Her great sense of humor keeps the readings light and fun. If we are discussing a tough situation that I am dealing with she will make a joke and dissipate the negativity around it and make it seem not so bad. She is very good with timelines. For example: we are discussing my job and she sees positive changes for me in October. As far as I can see there is nothing new happening at work but then October comes and there are changes that occur. Her guides sense my innermost fears or worries. So even though I have not mentioned them Pamela will say that her Guides/Angels want me to know something. Those words of encouragement come out and I treasure them because they let me know that everything will be OK. I highly recommend Pamela’s readings. Lisa, PA  

Psychic readings are done on the telephone or Skype after your Pay Pal payment is received. To schedule a psychic reading please click on the Add to cart button. You do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase a reading. Once your payment is received, I will contact you to book your appointment, please check ALL email files, including your SPAM folder. * Please note that if you use an eCheck in PayPal, the check must clear before the reading.
All sessions are done by appointment only and non-refundable. You must give 24 hours’ notice to change your booked appointment. Your payment is forfeited if you are a no show for your scheduled appointment. Either party may reschedule within a month if there is a valid emergency, such as: an accident, serious illness, or death of a loved one.  

Please choose what works best for you and thank you for your purchase.
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