Love Affirmations

Love Affirmations

Love Affirmations by Psychic Pamela Cummins
Welcome to the weekly Love Affirmations for 2017 to help you with your self-love, personal growth, love life, and all your relationships. Please visit this page each week for a new affirmation. You deserve the life you always dreamed of, so let’s get started:
Week Fifty 

 Spiritual Boundaries

Did anyone ever ridicule your religious or spiritual beliefs? Or try to force their beliefs upon you? How did you feel when someone pokes fun at your universal knowing? Perhaps, you’re wondering if there really are any ill effects when a person preaches that their way is the “only way.” 

Just like physical and verbal boundaries, spiritual boundaries are necessary to feel safe, respected, and heard. Since we’re spiritual beings in human bodies, our spirituality is the source of who we are; therefore, it either enhances or has negative effects on our bodies and minds. There are numerous paths to a Higher Source, everyone has their own unique way of getting there; consequently, no person or religious belief is the right way.

When someone is shoving their spiritual knowing down your throat, the following boundaries could help you: disagree with them, listen without responding, take what the person said with a grain of salt, walk away from the discussion, or keep your distance. If a loved one threatens to abandon you unless comply with their religion or spirituality, this person is showing you that their love is conditional. Lovingly point out that you wish they could accept you for you are. If they cannot, then you are better off without the relationship. 

I am making spiritual boundaries. 
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