Insights for Singles

Insights for Singles

Insights for Singles by Pamela Cummins
Insights for Singles: Steps to Find Everlasting Love delivers insights to help readers reach their highest potential, learn to think positively, recognize red flags, how to let go of a relationship, improve communication skills, and understand how to attract and proceed with the “Right One.” Whether you need to learn to “Keep your pants on” or “My fantasy is not reality,” singles will find plenty of potent insight and proven solutions in this book.
After each insights there are questions singles can use as a guide to reflect on, use in meditation, and/or write answers in a journal. These questions can also be used for deep soul searching.

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Insights for Singles Book Review by Bellespirt

Feature Book – Insights for Singles

By Kimberley Simon on February 3, 2014 ·
Insight for Singles: Steps to Finding Everlasting Love
Author: Pamela Cummins

As a single myself, it is a pleasure to review Pamela Cummins’ latest eBook, Insights for Singles: Steps to Find Everlasting Love, an easy to read how-to guide that gives singles the opportunity to reflect on questions and, as Pamela put it, “do the footwork” to find the love that you’ve dreamt of from new ground, with deeper insight and a solid foundation.
Pamela’s eBook offers singles a journal-like format to explore YOU and your relationship to relationships. How have disappointments influenced your love life and your openness to everlasting love? How do- read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine


Review by: Rossana  
Whatever you may say about singles, one WORD will always knock at your thoughts: LOVE! The reason is that people expect a single is only the half of a "whole" and they see a single eternally walking inside a pink aura - which makes the cover just perfect! The content is so nicely organized in easy-to-read short departments, that no one will say "It's boring" or "it's difficult".

The author makes you think! Pamela infuses her readers with positivity and abundance of advice...The problem with most singles is that they are desperate and they make many small and big mistakes because they want to get the love of their lives at all costs, the sooner the better. This book makes "desperate" disappear and leaves every single with the certainty that with these certain tips and tricks they will finally find a way to the love they crave. I advise every single to read this book. It is short enough to become a pleasant beach reading... but you may want to read it before going on holiday! ;-)
Review by: Mae Endy  
This book covers it all! It’s informative and inspirational. I like the questions posed at the end of each section. It allows for readers to reflect.
Brief and concise, good, solid advice
By Barb
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Insights for Singles is not a dating guide. It won't tell you where to go to look for a mate or how to talk to them (there's already tons of books on this floating around). It's not about making it "easy" per se. I actually found it very refreshing that something, for once, focuses on the individual looking for love. The main message of this book is work on yourself first. True love won't come knocking on your door. You have to put yourself out there and engender the qualities you are looking for in a mate because like attracts like.

This eBook was very short, with just a paragraph or two for each chapter, which makes it a very quick read. It gets to the heart of the matter right off the bat without too much fluff or unnecessary padding, and, true to its name, it gives you insights. I really liked the no-nonsense approach and down to earth advice. Rather than advertising the mythical love at first sight, it tells you the truth-- that love takes hard work, and you can't expect someone to change and make sacrifice for you if you're not willing to meet them halfway.

Outstanding book-helps you prepare for and ensure a good relationship
ByAlexander D.on May 19, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
This is an outstanding book-advice on what to do and what not to do. It really made me think about myself (am I doing all I can do to prepare myself for a relationship). It was very insightful about warning signs as well-two were present in my last relationship that failed. Book is worth buying and is very inexpensive.

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