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By Pamela Cummins 13 Oct, 2017
Have you felt an instant connection with someone? Perhaps, you felt like you have known them before? Did you automatically trust them? Whoa, hold on there! Even if you two enjoyed deep conversations, had much in common, or knew each other in a past life; take the time to develop a real relationship before you hand over your heart or wallet.
In this blog post, we will look at the advantage of getting to know someone in two important aspects that my clients always desire information on – business and love. Then we will go into pointers that will aid in building a relationship in both areas.


I recently read a woman’s blog about an online business guru whom she took a course with and invested in a live seminar that was across the country. Sadly, the day of the event the guru cancelled, but she got her money back from the live seminar; however, she was stuck paying the costly travelling fees.

She did mention in her blog that there were rave reviews on this business guru’s website, yet nowhere else. My first thought was you should have investigated the business guru better; nevertheless, my guides reminded me that I had been ripped off before. I never lost money to an online business guru; honestly, I can’t afford their thousands of dollars price tag. The way I have been swindle is by so-called clients.

Here are some tips to help you from being conned in business:

  • Research the guru or business thoroughly online by Googling their reviews or complaints on other websites besides their own.
  • Before shelling out enormous amounts of money, spend time reading their articles, observe the way they behave/interact with other people on social media, watch their videos, or listen to radio shows they were on.
  • Make a tiny investment to test them out; for instance, some of my clients have purchased an email reading before doing a phone reading or did a few readings, then spent money on my coaching programs.
  • If you do lose money, find the lesson in it , and let people know about it to avoid being scammed. People have now been warned about investing in expensive business gurus from this woman’s blog. My business has policies to avoid con artist. 
  • Lastly, remember it’s their karma even if you never have observed them getting their karma – it will come back to them. Let it go…

Love relationship tend to wound us deeper than business relationships; nonetheless, they both hurt. Although I will use a woman’s example, the following story applies to men too. Her name has been changed to protect her privacy.

Melanie met Tony whom she felt an instant connection with, although she was overcome with lust for him, she waited for the fourth date before having sex with him. At first, she was afraid that they had sex too soon, he wouldn’t call, or it would ruin the relationship. Melanie was ecstatic when he called. They continued to see each other for six months. She thought that Tony was her soul mate and put the rest of her life (friends, plus activities she enjoyed) on hold. Then the phone calls slowed down, as did their time spent together. Melanie was extremely worried when she had a session with me. Tony ended up breaking things off to be with another woman, because he was addicted to the rush of new love, and didn’t know how to be in a real relationship.

As the saying goes “all is fair in love and war,” but the following are guidelines to help you:

  • If possible find out from family, friends, or co-workers what type of person your love interest is.
  • Even though you two felt an instant connection, remember that the reality is you both are still strangers to one another.
  • Spend more time out of bed, then in bed.
  • There are no guarantees even if this is your soul mate that they will want to be with you forever. 
  • Never, ever, put your life on hold or lose who you are in a relationship. Instead be who you are, for if they don’t love you for you, then why waste time with the so-called life partner?

The last tip that I will give you is not only for business and love relationships, it’s for your life – TRUST YOUR INTUITION! Your intuition is always right, even though you don’t understand, please never ignore it.

If you need assistance in your relationships, check out my books and/or services . I wish you much joy in all your relationships.
By Pamela Cummins 22 Sep, 2017
It’s always such an adventure doing a website makeover. For over a decade, I’ve been using 1and1 MyWebsite builder/host as it is affordable, has great customer service, the website loads quickly, and doesn’t take a rocket scientist to create a website. The only downfall with the former builder was the blog. So I used a free WordPress and Blogger for a while, yet not SEO (search engine optimization) savvy as it divided up traffic.

Now, before I get bombarded by WordPress self-hosted users and developers’ comments or advertisement emails; you need to know I’ve been there, done that, and never will attempt it again. Here are my reasons:

  • I spend too many hours figuring out three different WordPress methods, researching the internet, as well as had quite a few meltdowns without accomplishing much. 
  • Themes and plugins are a nightmare for me and I rather not play in the sandbox.
  • Too much risk of getting hacked.
  • When a website takes a while to load, you know it’s a WordPress site.
  • It’s costly to hire a web developer to build and maintain the website, buy first class theme and plugins, or use a host that guarantees fast upload speed. Plus, why spend money for a site that I don’t know how to operate. 
  • I’m an excellent tenant, which is why my websites have never been evicted. 
  • I’ve been spoiled by 1and1 website builders. 
  • Lastly, instead of using hours of my precious time learning or maintaining a WordPress self-hosted site. I rather spend the time: with clients, writing, marketing, hanging out with my cats, clipping my toenails…

For quite some time, I researched other website builder companies. Wix felt totally wrong for me. Weebly and Squarespace have satisfactory qualities, although (in my opinion) it’s insane that they take a small percentage of your sales or service that you earned on their cheaper monthly or yearly plan. 1and1 never takes a percentage of their customer’s earnings on whatever plan their customers have.

Right before this past Mercury Retrograde, I made one final attempt by calling 1and1. When Hannah answered the phone, I asked, “Are you guys, ever going to have a website builder with a decent blog?” She proceeds to tell me that they were developing a new website builder. I figured I wait until the Mercury Retrograde was over to test it out before going to another provider.

It’s a good thing I waited because I love their new builder! Is it perfect, no, nothing in life has ever been. 1and1 MyWebsite customer service is awesome as they patiently answered all my questions for as long as it took. I personally like to thank Dan, Damon, Chris, and all the others for your help during the creation of this website. Yeah, I called a lot, but at least they will have job security!

Their new blog is perfect for me blogging once or twice a month, as I will still be doing my weekly love affirmations, weekly dream interpretation blog, two monthly Bellespirt columns, plus there’s another possible writing gig in my future. Let me know if there is a certain topic you would like me to do a blog post on. Please check out the rest of the site and/or get your free gifts .

For those of you who need a website, I highly recommend MyWebsite
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