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The Love Channel Show ran from July 2012 to October 2016 on a couple of radio show networks before she moved to Goldylocks Production. You can listen to Pamela Cummins shows there and please check out her Goldylocks family member’s shows.There was always a topic on each show. She would take a couple of callers to give a psychic answer to one of their questions, and then go back to the topic. Pamela had a guest on every four to six weeks.

In addition to being on three networks, she did her own hosting of The Love Channel Show that was an educational show. There is a wealth of information from Pamela’s former Tuesday night show! This radio show was a talk show with many guests on topics about love, relationship, self-growth, healing, spirituality, psychic abilities, and much more. You can listen to the episodes on iTunes radio or The Love Channel archives.

Pamela Cummins is sought after guest for radio shows and podcasts. You can find some of those show below on her Pinterest board.

Music on Pamela's Show

Pamela had the privilege of using very talented musicians on her former radio show.  Carvalho’s song “Feels Good” was her signature song for her former shows. She also has used his and the other musicians’ music in meditations, YouTube videos, and her book trailers.


Carvalho blends a mix of different styles to make his own unique music. You will love his smooth, sexy voice. Amber Ladd’s voice is beautiful! Her music has been called Electric Art and nobody has a sound like Amber. Dyan Garris has soothing instrumental music that was channeled to the planet to help us heal, transform, and ascend. John Gilbert plays a variety of music; however, Pamela uses his new age songs to help you float away in a deep meditation. Joe Alegras has an incredible voice! Pamela used a couple of his songs that have a country flair to them. Her favorite is “Beautiful Woman” because she believes every woman is beautiful. Linda Irwin’s has a different sound that makes you feel like you are in an alien spaceship. You can learn more about each musician by clicking on their pictures below.

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