Love Affirmations

Welcome to the weekly Love Affirmations for 2017 to help you with your self-love, personal growth, love life, and all your relationships. Please visit this page each week for a new affirmation. You deserve the life you always dreamed of, so let’s get started:

Week Twelve

Connect with Your Higher Source


Your higher source can be whatever you desire it to be or choose to name it: which could be God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Buddha, Jesus, oneness, angels, the universe, nature, as well as love. Since this is your personal connection, other people’s opinions, religions, or dogma are not included, nor allowed in this partnership.


Another thing in regards to your relationship with your higher source is the interaction that happens according to what feels right in the moment. You may pray, communicate quietly, laugh, tease, complain, holler, and allow the tears to flow. How you behave is your choice for the reason that this is your personal union.


How can that be? Your partnership with your higher source is a divine relationship where it is safe to be whom you truly are; however, you may believe it doesn’t know what you’re thinking and whatever actions you took. It already knows; therefore, your sharing of yourself is a courtesy to a source who already loves you.


My higher source is a personal connection for me to be who I am.



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