Love Affirmations

Welcome to the weekly Love Affirmations for 2017 to help you with your self-love, personal growth, love life, and all your relationships. Please visit this page each week for a new affirmation. You deserve the life you always dreamed of, so let’s get started:

Week Twenty Six


 Let Go of Neediness


Are you single looking for love? Do you want more love with your partner? But has anyone told you that you’re smothering them? It can be a double edge sword as it is a normal human instinct to desire having love be shown; however, being obsessed with getting your needs met makes people run for the hills.


When you are feeling lonely, wanting love in your life, while not feeling good about who you are, it’s like wearing a sign that says – my life is horrible and I expect you to make it better. Sadly, if you’re single, only an unhealthy person will be attracted to your needy energy. For those of you in a relationship, more than likely your significant other will push you away.


Instead love yourself, do stuff that brings you joy, and allow yourself to be filled with your Higher Source’s love as well. For when you have both self-love and Higher Source’s love, the energy around you changes from neediness to being a beacon of love. This beacon will attract the right one for singles, along with improving not only your love life, but all the relationships!


I let go of my neediness to become a beacon of love.





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