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Welcome to the weekly Love Affirmations for 2017 to help you with your self-love, personal growth, love life, and all your relationships. Please visit this page each week for a new affirmation. You deserve the life you always dreamed of, so let’s get started:

Week Thirty Three


Pray Your Way


Are you like me that you weren’t brought up in a religious household; therefore, you have no idea on how to pray? Or did you grow up in a home where you were dictated on the right way to pray? There’s a popular belief that prayer is talking to God. With that belief in mind, if you’re going to talk to God, would you speak words spoon-feed by another person or speak in your own words?


Some people believe that you can only pray for other people. I experimented with this (in the beginning days of learning how to pray) for my sister when I asked my Higher Source, “Please give my sister a break.” Two weeks later, she booked a flight to Arizona that was having a special, buy one seat get another free. Since my niece was an infant, she could put her on her lap, and offered me the other seat. I was astonished how my prayer for her resulted in the benefit for me going on vacation!


Yes, it’s proper prayer etiquette to pray for others; however, your Higher Source loves it when you’re honest enough to pray for yourself. One of the most powerful prayers you can pray is, “Help me,” for you’re being completely vulnerable, as well as surrendering to your Higher Source. When you pray you don’t need fancy language or formal prayers; instead, be yourself using your everyday words. There are no wrong or right ways to pray, only what feels right to you.


I am praying my way.


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