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Welcome to the weekly Love Affirmations for 2017 to help you with your self-love, personal growth, love life, and all your relationships. Please visit this page each week for a new affirmation. You deserve the life you always dreamed of, so let’s get started:

Week Seventeen

 Listen to the Wisdom of Your Emotions


Have you ever felt confused on which way to proceed and couldn’t form a decision on what to do? Think back to a time when you were unclear. How did you feel? Were you feeling: baffled, angry, desperate, heartbroken, lonely, jealous, or afraid? Your emotions are large clues on how to proceed.


There is wisdom in your emotions; however, don’t allow them to rule you. Take the example of crimes of passions; if only the person processed their feeling of betrayal in a safe manner, instead of acting out. In other words, pay attention to your feeling for a couple of minutes as you resist the temptation to react to it, feel it, and allow it to dissipate.  If you’re still having problems with your emotions instead of reacting, act in a grown up manner by: punching a pillow, expressing yourself in a journal, or speaking with a trusted friend.


To access your emotions to clear up confusion and to enable you to accomplish a decision, it is important to sit down, close your eyes, breathe, and go into your quiet space. When you feel calm and centered allow one option of what you can choose to come to mind; how does it make you feel? Visualize what your life would be with that decision; what emotions come up? You can perform this with each alternative you could create. By doing this, you will know the right decision by how it made you feel: calm, peaceful, joyful, ecstatic, or it just feels like it was meant to be.


I listen to the wisdom of my emotions.



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