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What do self-love, the Three F’s, and “He has to be spiritual” have in common? They are all in Pamela’s Love Collection. Love is always in the air, but often it’s just out of our grasp. It is time to start grasping it whether you are single or in a relationship. You will learn how to recognize the signs of healthy love and what to do with it. This eBook consists of twelve articles, blogs, and columns by love intuitive and radio host Pamela Cummins.


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Review by: Louise

A fun and delightful read. I especially liked the section on the three F's.

Review by: Marcia  

Author Pamela Cummins explores the arena of relationships, specifically love and romance, and self-growth through the use of various essays, and snippets from her psychic radio interactions with people seeking her guidance for their relationship issues.

This is an interesting, refreshing approach to the study of human relationships, which makes its points in a clear, and very logical manner. The examinations into self-growth, relationships skills, and psychic insights are also fascinating to read. In all, this is a book that flows easily, and is a pleasure to read. 

Focus, fun and friends, great advice!

By P.S. Winn

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Interesting short book that reads like a blog, maybe because that's what this lady does, I found the information useful and more of a common sense approach to love and life. I found it interesting that this lady is also a bit of a psychic. which to me is very cool indeed. I think a lot of people can be helped finding a lot about love, life and getting through in this fun informative read.



Pamela's approach to advice is logical and helpful. If ..., March 31, 2016



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Pamela's approach to advice is logical and helpful. If you've been in any of the situations discusses in her book and worked through them already, it appears as common sense. If you're currently in the middle of one, it may be the little nudge you need to follow your instincts. :)
Five Stars By Jamie on May 23, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I love this book. This is a short fun informative read.




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