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When did you first start writing?


Writing is in my genes! My father, Walter Cummins, taught English literature, is an author, editor, and has a small publishing house. How could I not write? I even published a poem about the sun in a small magazine when I was a child. I was always good at writing and reading in school. Algebra is another story! I could never understand why x+y = xy mattered?


Why do you write non-fiction about relationships, self-growth, and spirituality?


I really love reading fiction and hope one day to write a fiction book. At this time in my life I am guided to write non-fiction. I am a Libra, the sign of relationships, which is why I have always been fascinated with relationships, especially love relationships. When I was in junior high, it was incredible how many of my fellow students wrote in my yearbook – read the rest at 



Pamela's Interview Marcia's Book Talk

Welcome Pamela!


Q: For how long have you been writing?

A:  I have been writing since I was a child. I got the writer’s gene from my Father, Walter Cummins, who is an author, editor, publisher, and a semi-retired English literature college professor. I even had a poem published in a small magazine when I was eight years old.


Q: Have any life experiences inspired you to write your books?

A: My experiences with life is what inspires me to write as a non-fiction author. I began my path of healing, spirituality, and self-growth in 1989. One of my biggest challenges was my love relationships with men. I made a ton of mistakes which helped me become an expert of what not to do, but also what works in relationships. My journey along the path of growth and spirituality has made my life a million times better. My goal is sharing my knowledge so my readers have a better love life. But most importantly, empowerment and self-love for themselves. Read the rest at Marcia's Book Talk

Interviewed by Jan Romes Jan The Romance Author

Meet author Pamela Cummins!


Today I have the pleasure of introducing and interviewing author Pamela Cummins! I met Pamela on Twitter. She's a fun, positive personality. You can count on her to tweet something that will make you smile. I look forward to her tweets that begin with 'Happiness Is...' Read the rest at Jan Romes' Blog

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