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Pamela's Two Columns in Bellesprit Magazine

Got Questions?

Pamela has been the columnist for The Love Channel since 2012, where she, her Angels, and guides answers her readers’ love and relationship questions. To submit a question please email

Got a Dream?  

Pamela started writing for the column for In the Dreamtime in January, 2013. Readers of the column, send in their dreams for her interpretation. You can submit a dream to

Pamela’s Former Blogs

You can read more of Pamela’s blogs and insights here.

Pamela uses her personal dreams to teach you dream interpretation skills.

What a great audio interview I had with Ian of The Psychic Junkie. Where we answered the following questions:


What are psychic dreams? Why do spirits appear so often in some dreams…..? (And to some people) but not in others? Are spiritual dreams symbolic, or are they literally true? What is the difference between a hyper active imagination, and a real “sign” from the spiritual realms? How can I enhance, extend or improve my own intuition to have more extraordinary experiences with the ethereal realms? To listen to the interview, please click The Psychic Junkie or listen below.


the Psychic Junkie .mp3
MP3 audio file [4.9 MB]

Discover What’s It like Working for A Psychic Line

Healthy Boundaries

Want healthy boundaries? Listen to Lorna Poole and Pamela’s twenty minute podcast to find out how!

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