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The following statement was from a fellow psychic, “A question I often get is should I go back to him  ... I think the operative question should be when is enough- enough?” Many of my clients have asked me the same question; therefore, I felt it would be perfect for the column. ~ Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine

Why is there so much trauma and rejection in my love life?


Dear Ms. Pamela,

I’m a 22-year-old-woman and I’ve got trauma with my love life. I find that nobody likes me and I’ve always got rejected repeatedly by men I liked. Even though I tried, I always end up with emotional trauma, and it seems that men are never attracted to me. Why is that? How could I heal myself?

Thank you,
Feeling Rejected


Read the answer at Bellesprit Magazine

You may be wondering why the topic of Trump is in a blog about dream interpretation. Let me explain - I had a dream the other night that was triggered by the show Blackish, which we watched on demand. My man and I may at times have different viewpoints on politics, yet we both agreed the show was very biased against Trump. Here is the dream I had:

A man was showing me and trying to convince me how to run my business using a certain method. I liked some of the things he was showing me, although I disagreed with others things that wouldn’t work in my business.

When I went on
~
Pamela's Dream Blog

2017 Goals Revealed in the Dreams of the Nighttime

I’m going to need your feedback at the end of this blog, but first let’s talk about goals. What are your goals for 2017? Did you noticed I used the word goals and didn’t say resolutions? That’s because resolutions often go to the wayside within a month, while goals are easier to manifest. Why? Let’s take the example of remembering your dreams. It’s easy for someone to say, “This New Year’s I’m going to remember my dreams;” yet, the person hasn’t created any steps or plans to take with their resolution. Goals are easier to create because a big goal can be broken down baby steps, which is shown below:


Goal – I will remember my dream


Baby Steps

  1. Put a journal or recording device by your bed. ~ Read the rest at Pamela's Dream Blog

Will He Leave His Wife For Me?



Dear Pamela:

When is my baby’s daddy going to leave his wife? We’ve been together for two years and have so much fun when he does come to see me.  He tells me that he doesn’t love her and loves me. So why is he still there?

Tired of Waiting


Dear Tired:

The first thing I heard was the voice of this man who once said, ~ read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine

What a great audio interview I had with Ian of The Psychic Junkie. Where we answered the following questions:


What are psychic dreams? Why do spirits appear so often in some dreams…..? (And to some people) but not in others? Are spiritual dreams symbolic, or are they literally true? What is the difference between a hyper active imagination, and a real “sign” from the spiritual realms? How can I enhance, extend or improve my own intuition to have more extraordinary experiences with the ethereal realms? To listen to the interview, please click The Psychic Junkie or listen below.


the Psychic Junkie .mp3
MP3 audio file [4.9 MB]

Discover What’s It like Working for A Psychic Line

Healthy Boundaries

Want healthy boundaries? Listen to Lorna Poole and Pamela’s twenty minute podcast to find out how!

You can find the podcast at the following links:


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